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AFOHR launches Forensic Odontology Sustainable Goals

giovedì 5 settembre 2019 - Dental Team D.V.I. Italia


The Association Forensic Odontology For Human Rights AFOHR launches today their Forensic Odontology Sustainable goals (FODSGs). It’s a call to action in order to achieve important goals in the field of human identification and age estimation through humanitarian forensic odontology (HFO).

AFOHR is the only non-profit association in the forensic field promoting humanitarian forensic odontology. Unlike other organisations or groups, we are focusing our commitments in the promotion of the human rights within a forensic frame in order to protect the right of the dead to have a name and an identity. It is well know to all forensic scientists how important is the identification of human remains using dental data and Interpol standards. This is our vision, is the statement of  Emilio Nuzzolese, AFOHR President.

Below, the 8 Goals AFOHR wishes to achieve in these coming 4 years with President 2019-20 Emilio Nuzzolese (Italy) and President 2021-22 Hemlata Pandey (India), with synergy among members, associations, universities, and relevant international partnerships.  A tough task which no one could achieve individually or even through a group in one single area of forensic expertise.

1. Human Rights of the dead = protect, restore and promote the names and dignity of human remains. Strengthen means of implementation of best practice in age estimation and Human Identification.

2. Human Identification Action = Take actions to improve human Identification, always performing a complete dental autopsy, on-site or remotely. Combat disparity in human ID post mortem process.

3. Promote international partnership = promote and circulate our goals with other organizations (NGOs, law enforcement agencies, civil protection, humanitarian associations) for sustainable developments in humanitarian forensic.

4. Humanitarian Forensic Odontology = Pro bono forensic dental services. Use our international network to sustain multinational support in missing and unidentified person data collection. Best practice and Justice for all, at all levels.

5. Strong Forensic Odontology = provide and facilitate access to training, mentoring and education in forensic. Exchange, research, training fostering innovation, and best practice.

6. Human Identification Kit = provide awareness on human the Identification process, informative campaigns and free ID cards for children.

7. Quality Age Determination = provide a definitive age assessment and adulthood determination method using teeth.

8. Dental evidence in crimes against vulnerable persons = provide awareness and pro bono assistance in the analysis of dental evidence in cases of child and vulnerable abuse, torture, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and Trafficking in Human Beings, including cognitive interviews.

As a non-profit Association AFOHR Board evaluates applications (*) from all interested in the scopes of the Association. For more information, write to

(*) Please be advised that although AFOHR membership is also a valuable and rewarding professional experience – thanks to our international network and exchange of experiences – it does not alone qualify Members as experts in Forensic. All members are advised to adhere to the accepted professional training standards related to their and discipline and Country.